None More Black

Just one of those little details that you find on the web. It tickles you, you check it out, and find that there’s a whole universe that you didn’t even know existed!

This evening, I saw this tweet which asserted that #222 is the best dark black. The tweeter asked someone to prove him wrong.

Matt Ström then dropped this little nugget: Eigengrau.

Eigengrau is the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness. So it’s more black than black. Except it’s actually a really dark grey.

The hex color reference is #16161d.

As Nigel from Spinal Tap would say, “It‘s like, ‘How much more black could this be?’ And the answer is, ‘None. None more black’.”

I’m not too proud to admit that this is the kind of silly detail that I love. It makes no practical difference but, of course, there was no stopping me. I immediately opened up main.css, searched for black and replaced every instance with my new favourite colour, Eigengrau.

Danke schön, Internet!