1. A List Apart

    I wrote something and it's been published on the seminal website, A List Apart.

    web standards published articles
  2. Would you do it again?

    How do you measure success? How do you know which metrics to track? And how do you decide what the benchmark is for defining success? Jason Fried has a very simple but very effective method.

  3. Private Matters

    Dave Rupert tweeted about Blacklight today — a tool that reveals how much tracking takes place on websites.

    Privacy Advertising Digital waste
  4. Podcast Appearance No.1

    I recorded a podcast for The Human Centric Design Network ( today

    Accessibility Performance Digital waste
  5. Book Review: World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern

    Gerry McGovern’s recent tweets and blog posts about digital waste and earth-centric design really resonated with me. I was very pleased to get the chance to proof-read some drafts of the book before publication and this is my review of the finished article.

    digital waste earth-centric design book review
  6. The 5 most annoying website features a blind person faces every day

    Holly Tuke writes about the real irritations a blind person suffers when trying to use websites.

  7. Always bet on HTML

    A great reminder and detailed breakdown on why HTML is usually my first choice web technology.

    Accessibility Performance Digital waste
  8. Saving people from themselves

    Who ever said that email trackers, that silently record where and when you open your emails, had to be the norm?

    Privacy Metrics Digital waste
  9. Naming Things is Hard

    In product design, coding, or just in life, finding the right words to express what you mean is hard. But when you get it right it is a beautiful thing.

    User Experience product design
  10. Thinking Different About The App Store Review Process

    Getting through the Apple App Store review process feels like offering a sacrifice to the gods. Here’s a potential solution that allows Apple to make money without the cosa nostra business practices.

    product launch commerical apps
  11. Dark Mode with CSS

    Using a CSS media query to enable styles that are better suited to Dark Mode.

    progressive enhancement accessibility ux design
  12. Design Elements

    Do you want to know what the vibrant purple squiggle in the header is all about?

    ux design performance
  13. None More Black

    Just one of those little details that you find on the web. It tickles you, you check it out, and find that there’s a whole universe that you didn’t even know existed!

    css ux design
  14. WHO COVID-19 Information Architecture Task List

    This is the output from the recent sessions in which I participated with the WHO and experts from around the world. Published now as open-source to be used “to the benefit of humanity”.

    user experience information architecture open source
  15. Helping the World Health Organisation with COVID-19

    Today, I took part in a session, led by Gerry McGovern, to help the World Health Organisation (WHO) identify and classify the most important information on their website about COVID-19.

    user experience information architecture open source
  16. Your Privacy on this site

    An explanation of the privacy policy on this website. Spoiler alert—it’s very short.

    accessibility privacy user experience metrics
  17. Measure—Mindfully!

    Have a think about what you actually need to know about your users. It may be less than you think.

    privacy metrics on-boarding
  18. How the site is coded

    For those interested in how the site was put together and why it looks like it does. Here goes…

    accessibility performance information architecture
  19. The question I frequently ask about frequently asked questions

    A look at how challenging conventions can uncover better ways to make information easier to find on websites, and play a part in saving resources.

    accessibility user experience information architecture