Product Management 101

Some advice I would give myself to try to be a better product manager.

# Outcomes not outputs

Focus on the benefits for the users and customers. It should be about outcomes not outputs.

That’s easy to say, but what does it mean?

# It means...

  • no one cares how many meetings you went to
  • no one cares how many defects the regression testing pack found
  • no one cares how many questions your drafted for customer research sessions

# It means...

  • be clear on why this is important for you and more importantly why it is important for the customer
  • look at the current situation and work out what needs to be better, more, worse, or less
  • think about how you could change it. What’s your theory??

# It means...

  • work out how you would know if your theory is right?
  • don't “obsess about data”, obsess about the signals that tell you if your theory is good or bad
  • learn what you can and then apply your new knowledge to this problem, if you suspect there is more juice in the lemon. Or look for another one.

(Another problem, that is, not another lemon.)