Would you do it again?

How do you measure success? How do you know which metrics to track? And how do you decide what the benchmark is for defining success? Jason Fried has a very simple but very effective method.

# No goals

I listened to Jason Fried talking on Clubhouse today answer a question about how he judges success. By success I'm talking about glory in any field. Whether that’s a work project, side hustle, or personal life.

His response was that he asks himself, “would I do it again?”.

Nothing more, nothing less. Just... would I do that again? Most of the time that yields a simple and obvious yes/no which answers nearly everything that matters.

Diving deeper into that, I think he’s onto something. I think we lose sight of the fact that metrics are an abstraction. They are an attempt to codify, rationalise or scale good judgement. BUT they are not a replacement for good judgement itself - which in itself is an intuition or a sythnesis (conscious and unconscious) of all the information that you gather doing [a thing]. Our human brains are wonderful things which manage this calculation at a level much deeper than we are probably aware.

So asking that almost primal question — would I do it again? — helps us cut through the noise of data and numbers to tap directly back into fact that we doubtless already know the answer!