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  1. WHO COVID-19 Information Architecture Task List

    This is the output from the recent sessions in which I participated with the WHO and experts from around the world. Published now as open-source to be used “to the benefit of humanity”.

    user experience information architecture open source
  2. Helping the World Health Organisation with COVID-19

    Today, I took part in a session, led by Gerry McGovern, to help the World Health Organisation (WHO) identify and classify the most important information on their website about COVID-19.

    user experience information architecture open source
  3. Your Privacy on this site

    An explanation of the privacy policy on this website. Spoiler alert—it’s very short.

    accessibility privacy user experience metrics
  4. The question I frequently ask about frequently asked questions

    A look at how challenging conventions can uncover better ways to make information easier to find on websites, and play a part in saving resources.

    accessibility user experience information architecture

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